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At the End of Dreaming [userpic]
New Fanfiction
by At the End of Dreaming (dream_edge)
at May 28th, 2009 (01:35 pm)

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Hi. I'm new to this community and I wanted to say hello. I also coming baring a gift.

Title: With Lips Painted Red, We Bind Ourselves
Author: Dream_Edge
Rating: R
Warnings: Slash, obviously. Blood.
Notes: Rating will go up in later chapters.

In the story, Cam and Hunter are consumed in an attack by one of Lothor's monsters, causing them to disappear. When they reappear they are different. They are stronger, faster, and hold a secret that threatens to tear them apart. Although the other Rangers say they have only been missing a day, Cam and Hunter insist that to them, they were away from home for almost have months. A lot has happened in that time.


With Lips Painted Red, We Bind Ourselves


Copyright Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers or any other recognizable media. Power Rangers belongs to BVS Entertainment. Any other recognizable media belongs to its respective owners.


Any words you don’t understand are part of a language I made up for this story. It’s pretty easy to guess what their saying most of the time. Any important things will be in English.


  1. We Stand at the End of Our Blood-Soaked Road Home


“Hunter! Come back here and help me with this!”


Hunter laughed at his brother’s call, stepping out of the stock room at Storm Chargers. “You’re on your own bro. I gotta watch the store.” He called back.


Grinning and ignoring his brother’s calls for help, he walked towards the front at the store. He was a bit surprised to find Cam sitting on the couch in the corner, a listless expression on his face as he stared blankly in front of him. Hunter walked towards him, dropping down on the couch beside him. “Hey.”


Cam was silent for a moment before he nodded. “Hey.” He echoed, his voice distant. Hunter arched an eyebrow and leaned closer to Cam. “Something wrong?” he asked.


The computer technician blinked, seeming to come back to himself and looked over at him. “Fine. Where are the others?”


He shrugged. “Blake’s helping out in the store room. I think Shane and Dustin went to the skate park and Tori went to the beach. What are you doing out of Ops? We normally have to drag you.” He joked.


Cam smiled slightly before that listless expression returned. “Can’t concentrate today.” He explained and shrugged it off. After a brief pause he whispered. “I’ve got a bad feeling.”


“A bad feeling?” Hunter asked, intrigued. “Bout what?”


Cam looked back towards the front of the store, biting his lip. “Not sure. But the last time I felt like this my father got turned into a guinea pig. Something bad’s going to happen.”


Hunter grinned. “Hey, calm down. Nothing’s going to happen.” He assured. Cam gave him a dark look.


“I’m letting you get off with that merely because you haven’t known me long enough to understand.” He said, sounding annoyed. Hunter shook his head and opened his mouth to reassure him again when their morphers went off. He stopped and gave the green Ranger an irritated look. “Don’t say a thing.” He ordered. “Not a word.”


Cam smirked in amusement before answering the call.

Seconds later the two of them plus Blake appeared where Lothor’s new monster was wreaking havoc. Kelzaks littered the ground in swarms. The Wind Rangers appeared next to them almost immediately. Shane stepped forward and glanced around at the group. “Ready?”


They all nodded. “Ready!”


“Ninja Storm!”

“Thunder Storm!”

“Samurai Storm!”

“Ranger Form! Hah!”


Everyone immediately went into action, beating down the Kelzaks as they made their way to the new monster. Shane got there first. He landed a few blows before being roughly pushed to the side. Once Shane was out of the way the monster gathered power before unleashing it in a blast at the rangers. They all fell to the ground groaning.


Grinding his teeth, Cam pushed himself up and ran towards the monster. Pulling out his sword he slashed through parts of the monster before another blast sent him flying back. He heard someone shout his name as the other Rangers started to fight. Someone grasped his elbow, hauling his to his feet. He caught a flash of crimson out of the corner of his eye.


“You okay Cam?” Hunter asked, voice muffled behind his visor. He nodded curtly, frowning beneath his helmet. His bad feeling was getting worse. Something was wrong.


“Watch out!”


They both turned at the shout and watched in horror as a wave of energy approached them. They both knew they wouldn’t be able to move in time.


Blake watched in horror as his brother and teammate were consumed in the blast wave. When it disappeared, they were gone. “Hunter!” He screamed, running towards the spot his brother had been. But there was nothing there. No mark, no scorch, nothing to indicate that either missing ranger had ever been there.


He barely noticed the monster crackle and disappear in his panic. The other rangers ran over to him, demorphing as they did so. He turned around and shouted as loud as he could. “Hunter! Cam!”


The others were shouting now too. “Hunter! Cam! Where are you?” Tori called.


“Come on dudes. This so isn’t funny.” Dustin said, looking around.


“Where are you guys?” Shane asked.


Their morphers beeped and Sensei’s voice echoed over the com. “Return to Ninja Ops, rangers. We will continue our search for our missing members here.”


Blake hesitated, unwilling to leave the spot Hunter had disappeared unless he reappeared. Finally, he nodded and went to Ops.


When he got there, CyberCam was typing quickly away at the controls. “Well?” he asked anxiously.


The copy of Cam shook his head. “I’m not picking up a signal from their morphers. Give me a minute, I’ll expand the range.” Blake bit his lip worriedly and prayed his brother was alright.


Finally, CyberCam shook his head. “Nothing, they’re not in California.”


“Damn it!” he shouted, pushing himself away from the large computer. Tori stopped next to him, placing a calming hand on his shoulder. “It’s alright Blake. Those two can take care of themselves. They’ll be fine.” She assured. It didn’t really help though.


“Um, guys?” They turned back to CyberCam when he spoke up. He was staring at the computer in dismay. Blake really didn’t like that look. The clone turned towards them, looking unsure. “They’re not even on the planet.” He informed.


Blake slumped down to the ground, placing his head in his hands. “That must mean Lothor’s got them.” He whispered, his heart sinking.


Shane stepped forward. “Hey, we don’t know that for sure. Let’s not give up. Right now, those two are probably fighting to get back. So let’s do our part and go kick that thing’s ass.”


Blake nodded and grasped the hand held out to him and let himself be pulled up.


“Well, you’re about to get your chance.” CyberCam called. “It’s back.”



Blake groaned as he hit the ground. They weren’t doing any better against the monster than they had the last time. “It’s too strong.” Tori intoned, struggling up onto her hands and knees. No one wanted to say it but they really needed Hunter and Cam.


Dustin groaned as they were surrounded by Kelzaks. “So not good.” He said in dismay.


Hama Ryû-ô-Jin.”


The rangers jumped in shock when waves of dark green energy crashed in around them, cutting the Kelzaks down. Quickly they stood up. “What was that?” Blake asked.


“I have no idea dude.” Shane answered. “I just hope whoever made that is on our side.” They all found themselves nodding in agreement.


“Well, isn’t this nice!”


They turned at the shout and Blake whopped in joy and relief when he saw Hunter and Cam standing behind them. He was so overjoyed that at first he didn’t even notice anything different about the two.


But Hunter was his brother. He noticed. Hunter’s hair was longer than before, hanging in front of his eyes. Instead of the red jersey and ripped blue jeans he had been wearing the last time Blake saw him he was wearing a crimson dress shirt and black slacks. He was leaning against a black and crimson staff, grinning at them as his eyes gleamed brightly.


Cam stood next to them, eyeing the monster wearily. His skin looked a bit paler than the last time he had seen him and he had also changed clothes. He was wearing pressed dress pants and an emerald green shirt under his black jacket. A sword was sheathed and attached to his back.


Hunter shook his head and continued. “Here we’ve been, running around in circles for months, fighting for our lives to get home, and you’ve been sitting around on your asses!”


He turned to cam and told him jokingly. “I feel loved.”


Cam shook his head fondly. “All the same, it does look like…”


“We got here just in time.” Hunter finished for him, turning back to them. His eyes narrowed. “I think these guys like getting their asses kicked. What about you?” he asked.


Cam grinned slightly and pulled out his sword. “Let’s go.” He agreed.


The other rangers watched in shock as the two fought through the remaining Kelzaks. They both fought back to back, trusting the other completely. Each seemed to know what the other was going to do before they did it and matched their moves, despite the contrast in styles.


They separated suddenly, moving away from each other and allowing the Kelzaks to surround and separate them.


Cam stopped moving inside the circle of Kelzaks, looking around at them. He shifted slightly, the sharp blade of his sword gleaming in the light. “Chi-Ryû Jin-En-Bu!” he whispered, swinging the sword. Waves of dark green energy flew from the blade in circles and slammed into the Kelzaks surrounding him.


At the same time Hunter was moving through the Kelzaks with practiced ease as he swung the crimson staff. Finally, he leveled it in front of him and grinned. “Raiden-O: Raiko-Buin-Yaiba.” He called. Lightning flew up the staff, forming blades at each end. Hunter slammed the staff down onto the ground, causing the lightning to channel through the ground. The energy flew up from the ground, shocking the Kelzaks.


The two moved towards each other again, Hunter slamming the end of his staff against the ground again. The staff shrunk down so Hunter could slip it into his pocket. They turned towards the monster standing in the middle. “Ready?” Hunter asked.


Cam smirked at him. “Aren’t I always?” he countered.


“Thunder Storm!”

“Samurai Storm!”

“Ranger Form! Hah!”


They watched as the two morphed before Hunter turned towards them and asked. “Well? You just going to stand there?” he asked.


Grinning, Blake ran up and joined his brother and Cam. Together the Rangers took down the monster.


After the Megazord battle, the Rangers demorphed and surrounded their missing teammates. “Bro! You’re back!” Blake shouted, engulfing his brother in a hug. “Happy to be back!” Hunter replied, hugging back.


Blake disengaged from the hug and stepped towards Cam, hugging him as well. Surprisingly, cam hugged back. “Thank you for keeping him safe.” He told the older man.


Cam pulled back, smiling slightly. “No easy task, I assure you.” He said. Blake grinned. “Oh I know.”


“Hey!” Hunter protested. Blake and Cam shared a grin and knowing look. Hunter frowned. “Your all against me.” He grumbled.


Tori grinned and Dustin threw an arm over both Cam and Hunter’s shoulders. “Dudes! Welcome back! Where have you been?” he asked.


Hunter grinned while Cam rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders to remove the arm thrown across them. “Now, that’s a story!” Hunter answered. “A better question would be ‘where haven’t we been?’”


“We must have been to over a hundred different places.” Cam supplied. Shane waved his hand. “Wow, wow, wow. Over a hundred? In a Day?”


Both men looked at each other. Hunter seemed a little uneasy. “Uh, Cam? I know you said there should be a time difference but that’s a little much, don’t you think?” he asked.


Cam nodded slowly. “Yeah. Guess I underestimated the time difference. It’s a little weird.”


“Uh, what are you talking about?” Tori asked. Both Cam and Hunter looked over at them. “I guess, when we were traveling between all those places, the way time flows for us changed.” Cam stated. “The truth is, we’ve been gone for nearly five months.”




Back at Ops, everyone gathered around the table. Tori, Dustin, and Shane were leaning against each other for support as they stared across the table at their teammates. Blake sat on the right of his brother while Cam sat on Hunter’s left. Hunter himself was lying on the floor and showed no signs of moving in the near future. Sensei stood on the table, staring calmly up at his son. “Perhaps, you should tell us where you’ve been, Cam, Hunter?” Sensei requested.


Hunter snorted from his place on the floor. “Pick a place. We were all over. Hundreds of worlds. I was starting to think we were never getting home.”


“Wait, worlds?” Shane asked, staring at them in disbelief.


Cam nodded and explained. “Different dimensions, kind of. They were all different. Some seemed like paradise while others were trapped in the mist of war. There were worlds full of deceit and other that wouldn’t allow you to tell a single lie. Some were good. Others…not so much.”


Dustin grinned. “Really? Sweet!” He paused briefly. “So like, what, you just disappeared from one world reappeared in the next?”


Hunter nodded. “Pretty much. We always had a general idea of how long we were going to stay on a particular world. Gut instinct you could say. There was a world we stayed on for only two days. Another one we stayed for nearly a month. I liked that world.” He paused and clicked his tongue. “Huh.”


Cam looked over at him. “What?”


Hunter turned his head to smile warmly at his friend. “A familiar ceiling for once.” He informed, moving his gaze back to the ceiling. While the others stared at him in confusion, Cam pressed his hand to his mouth and shook his head. He looked caught between exasperation and amusement. “You,” he told the blonde beside him. “Are impossible.”


Hunter grinned.


“So where’d you learn all those moves? No way you knew those before you left.” Shane asked. Cam smirked at him and joked. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”


Everyone laughed. Finally Blake stood up and tapped his brother with his toe. “Come on bro. it’s getting late.”


Hunter started to whine. “But I’ve been on the move for months. Can’t I just stay here?” he asked. Blake grinned. “Sure you don’t want to go home to your own bed?” he asked.


The crimson Ranger jumped to his feet. “What are we just standing around for? Let’s go!” he snapped, causing the others to laugh.


Sensei turned to his students and nodded solemnly. “It is late, Rangers. We should continue this conversation in the morning. I am sure Cam and Hunter would like to rest.” Both boys nodded at the suggestion.


Hunter turned to Cam and pointed at him, saying, “You! Stay out of trouble!”


Cam looked at the blonde like he was crazy. “Me?” he asked. Hunter nodded seriously. “Yes, you. I know how much trouble you can get into. I’m always the one pulling you out of it.”


“The only reason I get into trouble is because you go looking for it.” Cam snapped, his eyes betraying his amusement. Hunter grinned at him as the others watched the banter in interest.


Shaking his head, Hunter turned to walk towards his brother who was patiently waiting for him near the stairs. Cam bit his lip, an expression of anxiety passing over his face. “Cam?” Tori asked in concern.


Cam was up and moving before any one even registered the movement. “Nandi, Hunter!” he called.


Hunter turned back. Cam ran towards him, wrapping his hands around the blonde’s neck and, before everyone, pressed his lips on Hunter’s. Everyone gapped at the two as Hunter wrapped his arms around Cam’s waist and pulled him closer. The kiss lasted only seconds.


Pulling back, Cam smiled softly at Hunter. “Hondi il, lalu.” He breathed. Hunter nodded. “Hondi il.” He echoed, pulling back and away. He turned briefly before looking back. “Li lal il, Cam.”


Cam nodded. “Li lal il.”


Grinning, Hunter turned away and continued his trek up the stairs. Blake snapped out of the daze caused by watching his brother kiss their mutual friend and looked at said brother. “What was that?” he hissed.


Hunter shrugged. “A simple little language me and Cam picked up. Pretty simple once you learn the rules.”


Blake sputtered. “That is not what I meant! I meant the kiss!”


Hunter looked over at his brother like he was an idiot. “If you don’t know what that was, than I’m not going to bother telling you.” He said and continued up the stairs.


Cam smiled as he listened to the two banter. When he could no longer hear them he turned around and stretched, walking towards his room. “Well, good night.” He told the three rangers and one ninja master still in the room, staring at him in shock.


“Wha…Cam?” Tori asked. Cam turned to stare at her. “Yes?” he asked innocently.


“You…he…what?” she asked, looking wildly between Cam and the place Hunter had been. Cam smirked smugly. “Yes?” he asked again.


Dustin raked a hand through his hair. “Dude, I am so lost.” He said. Shane nodded in agreement. “You’re not the only one, bro.”


“In the morning?” Cam suggested, still smirking. The three nodded and slowly trailed up the stairs.


Cam watched them go wistfully. “Now that’s a sight for sore eyes. It’s good to be back.” He told his father.


“Cam?” Sensei asked, watching his son. Cam looked at him, eyes serious. “I’ve been dating Hunter for four months now.” He informed. “Hunter is the only reason I stand before you.” He smiled calmly, coldly. “Good night dad. We can talk in the morning.”


With that said, he turned and walked towards his room. Once there he leaned back against the door and grinned in a world weary way. “He saved my life that day. It’s the one day I wish I could forget.” He looked up, his eyes gleaming gold in the dim light. “It’s the day everything changed.”

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