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At the End of Dreaming [userpic]
New Chapter
by At the End of Dreaming (dream_edge)
at June 9th, 2009 (08:14 pm)

Here's the new chapter for With Lips Painted Red, We Bind Ourselves.
I really hope I get a big reply for this chapter. It's my shortest but it's probably one of the most important. Here we go.


With Lips Painted Red, We Bind Ourselves


Copyright Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers or any other recognizable media. Power Rangers belongs to BVS Entertainment. Any other recognizable media belongs to its respective owners.


Any words in italics are part of a language I made up for this story. It’s pretty easy to guess what their saying most of the time. Any important things will be in English.


4. Heavy Heart Darken With Our Every Drop of Blood


Tori looked up in surprise when Cam entered Storm Chargers. She frowned thoughtfully, tilting her head to the side. “Hey Blake. Does something about Cam seem a little…off today?”


Blake glanced over as well. “Besides the fact that he’s actually here?” he asked.


“Blake, I’m serious.” Tori admonished.


Blake sighed, taking a closer look at the man walking slowly through the store, his eyes searching for something. He looked different today. Blake wasn’t sure what it was that was different but there was defiantly something different about him.


Maybe…his jacket? The black leather vest he was wearing was trimmed in- not green- but a dark red. Crimson; Hunter’s color. The sight caused him to grin in amusement. But the grin vanished a second later. It wasn’t the jacket.


It could be the way he was carrying himself today. Tight, as if ready to pounce, but with all the lazy grace of a predator. Or maybe the way his eyes carefully searched the room, seeming to absorb everything about everyone. The way his skin was defiantly paler than before, the way his eyes gained a gold hue in the light, or the way he seemed to still carefully consider every move he made.


But something about him had slowly changed in the week he’d been back. And whatever it was drew everyone’s eyes toward him. But it made him seem…off.


“There is something odd about him.” He agreed, watching as he walked into the back of the store towards where Hunter was.


Cam smiled to himself as he watched Hunter tinker with his bike. “Back to racing, Hunter?” he asked.


The crimson ranger glanced up at him and smiled. “Of course.” He said then paused and added. “Nice vest.”


Cam nodded, tugging on it. “Thanks. I was wondering if you’d notice.” Hunter paused and gave him a look. “I always notice.” Hunter told him.


Placing down his tools, the blonde stood up. “How can I help you today, Cam?” he asked.


Cam shrugged, leaning back against the wall. “I put a new program in CyberCam.” He informed. Hunter glanced at him, his expression confused. “Emergency Protocol 7.” Cam continued. “Remember that. I made it in case my ‘condition’ acts up.”


Hunter sighed in annoyance. “Nothing’s going to happen Cam.” He assured.


Cam smiled darkly, turning his head to look out at the rest of the store. “It’s been nearly a week.” He whispered. He could almost feel Hunter’s blank look of confusion and then dawning, and horrified, realization.


“Cam…” Hunter breathed. He stepped closer, laying a hand on Cam’s shoulder. Cam shrugged him off, hating just how hyperaware he was of Hunter today. He frowned, looking over at his lover. Hunter’s eyes were worried. “Cam, are you okay?”


He nodded. “Of course. Don’t worry about it, E.” He said then winced. He hadn’t meant to use that damn title. It showed just how much his control had slipped. He sighed. “I’m going home.” He informed. The rest of the sentence remained unsaid between them. Before someone gets hurt.


Blake looked towards his brother and frowned. Both Hunter and Cam stood in the doorway to the back. Cam was turned slightly away from Hunter, his posture screaming defensive. His brother stood just behind him, eyes dark as he stared at Cam. He didn’t like how this looked.


Quickly, he excused himself from his conversation with Tori and approached them. As he came closer Cam pushed himself off the wall and left. As they passed each other the strange off feeling he’d gotten from Cam the minute he’d entered increased sharply, enough to send his danger senses flaring.


Blake stopped next to his brother, turning to watch Cam. The green ranger paused at the door, glancing back at them. He shivered, his eyes widening. Cam’s eyes had changed. He wondered what was most disturbing change; the fact that his eyes had turned gold, or the fact that the pupil was cat-slit. But whatever it was, it was enough to cause his heart to freeze in terror.


“Hunter…what was that?” he asked, glancing at him. Hunter kept his eyes locked on the door, as if trying to will Cam to come back. Finally, he shook his head. “It’s nothing Blake. Forget it.” He whispered.


Blake frowned but merely said. “Come on. We said we were going to go to Shane’s skating competition.”


Hunter nodded slightly, not seeming to really be paying attention. “Yeah sure.” He agreed distantly.


Blake sighed, turning to leave. After a second’s thought he paused and looked back at his brother. “Hunter?” he asked.


The blonde finally jerked his gaze away, looking at him. Blake bit his lip as he asked, “Is everything okay with Cam?”


Hunter’s reply came way too fast to sooth his worries. “Of course.” Hunter looked at him with wide eyes, trying and failing to look innocent. “Should there be?”


Blake watched his brother carefully. “You know, Hunter, you can tell me anything, right?” he asked. Hunter nodded. “Of course I do.” He agreed, and there was a smile on his face as he did so. Blake smiled as well, nodding.




Later that day everyone gathered at NinjaOps. There was a party in the process. Shane laughed, standing up and bowing. “Thank you, thank you.” He stated. He grinned, holding his trophy up.


Dustin laughed as he watched his friend. “Dude, I can’t believe you won!” he said. Shane smirked. “You had any doubt?” he asked.


Hunter grinned at the two. “You know what I realized?” he asked. Cam looked over at him from where he was sitting at his computer. “And what’s that?” he questioned, his stare intense.


Hunter merely grinned under the sharp look. “We have officially been back a full week.” He answered.


The others cheered. “That is defiantly cause for celebration.” Tori said, grinning.


About an hour into the party Cam looked around and noticed someone was missing. “Blake, where’s your brother?” he asked. Blake looked around, frowning. “I don’t know.”


He sighed, shaking his head. “I’ll find him.” He assured.


“Cam?” Blake called, making the older man pause and turn to look at him. “Are you okay?” he asked. Cam blinked and nodded. “It’s just…”Blake trailed off before continuing. “You seem a little off today.”


Cam smiled. “I’m fine.” He assured before turning and walking away. He padded calmly down the hallway, trusting his instincts to pull him towards Hunter. He stopped at the entrance to the kitchen, smiling softly at the figure resting against the wall. “Hey.” He called.


Hunter looked up at him, smiling softly. “Hey. Sorry I disappeared. Guess I’m not used to the noise yet.”


Cam nodded, breathing deeply. A dark, bittersweet scent met his nose. He blinked in surprise before grinning in amusement. “Are you drinking again?” he asked.


Hunter raised his glance in silent answer, the thick, burgundy wine splashing against the sides. Cam shook his head. “You know, if my dad catches you with that…”


Hunter snorted. “I’m personally more worried about Blake finding me. But hey, that’s just me.”


Cam grinned in amusement. But a second later his amusement died away as a different scent met his nose. It was thick and heady, rich and intoxicating and a bitter copper undertone. It made his head spin and his throat clench tightly in want. The scent spoke silently of strength and power.


“Ow.” Hunter whispered, his voice blank. Slowly, Cam turned his head to stare at Hunter, his eyes wide and dark. Hunter raised his hand, staring at the cut that had sliced his wrist open. The blonde stared at the blood pouring from the wound dispassionately, seemingly unaware of Cam’s unwavering stare. “Guess we should do something about this, huh?” he asked.


Cam gulped, watching as Hunter held out his arm. He took a deep breath before straightening and approaching Hunter. He fought down the instincts rising in him, trying to control him. It was done with practiced ease. This was, after all, the hell his life had become.


Hunter watched cam approach and tried to calm his racing heart. As the samurai came close the illusions Cam kept wrapped around himself everyday dropped, revealing his true self.


His black hair became smoother, looking like silk. His skin paled even further and turned smooth and flawless. He looked absolutely beautiful, the guise of an angel. It was nothing more than a ruse to hide the deadly truth of what he really was.


Cam’s long, thin fingers wrapped carefully around his wrist, the light grip giving no hint to the dangerous strength lying beneath the beautiful visage. Cam tugged his wrist upwards as he leaned down. Just as his lips brushed against the wound, his eyes flickered upwards to meet Hunter’s.


Hunter had to fight down the shiver that wanted to run up his spine at the sight of the cat-slit, bright gold eyes pinning him in place. They watched his every move as they stood suspended. “I won’t forgive you.” Cam whispered, the blood from the wound painting his lips red.


Hunter felt his heart clench. “I know.” He whispered back as Cam pressed his lips more firmly against the wound.




Blake looked up when Hunter and Cam reentered the room. He grinned. “Hey.” He called. The two looked over at him, Hunter grinning while Cam merely nodded. He looked them both up and down. What ever had been off about Cam was gone now. He looked better. But when he told him so, Cam turned guarded and stiff. Even Hunter’s smile turned tight.


Later that night and the party settled down, they prepared to leave. Hunter stepped forward and wrapped Cam in a hug. “I love you, Cam.” He whispered in Cam’s ear. He drew back before Cam could do anything.


As Hunter approached the stairs he paused and looked back at him. “But you can’t run forever, Cam.” He said, staring him dead in the eye. Blake had no idea what he was talking but he was suddenly glad they were always the last ones to leave, which meant the three of them were the only ones in the room.


Hunter continued, his stare cutting. “Some day, you’re going to have to face what happened.” And with that he turned and walked up and stairs. Blake watched him go before giving Cam a quick grin and racing after his brother.


Cam watched them go before sighing and saying to himself. “You’re right, Hunter. I may not be able to run forever. But for today I can. And I’m going to.”


Posted by: gryphonchik (byakko4)
Posted at: June 10th, 2009 04:37 am (UTC)

*purrs* oooh. so very shiny. So Cam's got some form of Vampirism, but I'm curious as to what Hunter is, and what that *E* title means. And correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like Hunter had Cam turned/infected/whatever to save his life, and Cam's very much unhappy about it. *bounces* can't wait for the next chapter!

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