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Welcome to the Crimson_Green Community Rules Resources
A home for Cam/Hunter fans, of the show Power Rangers Ninja Storm. All pairing-related fic, icons and other fanart are welcome, as is healthy discussion.

Disclaimer: Power Rangers Ninja Storm, its characters and images are property of BVS Entertainment, Inc. and BVS International N.V.

All use on this site is for entertainment purposes only.
- No name calling. I can’t believe how many times I've seen this on otherwise friendly lists. Just don’t do it.

- Try to keep posts on topic. Sure, it's fine if you talk about your latest trip to the mall, but just make sure we don’t stray too far. I'd hate to have to be the bad guy and rein you in.

- Have fun! Yes, that’s a rule. If you don't seem to like it here for any reason, drop me a line. That’s what email is for.

- Fic is always welcome, as is fan art. Please make sure it’s properly labelled and behind the cut, though.

- This is a community that contains mature themes. While we ask that public material be PG-13, all content is welcome. Please mark explicit posts with the appropriate ratings and keep behind lj-cut and/or community lock.

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